WHS – Handicap Calculator

For Details of the WHS Ratings for our Courses please see below:

CourseGenderTeesParCourse RatingSlope Rating
Red & Blue or Blue & RedMaleWhite7272.6129
Red & Blue or Blue & RedMaleYellow7271.4126
Red & Blue or Blue & RedFemaleYellow7377.6133
Red & Blue or Blue & RedFemaleRed7273.3127
Blue & Yellow or Yellow & BlueMaleWhite7271.7127
Blue & Yellow or Yellow & BlueMaleYellow7270.8124
Blue & Yellow or Yellow & BlueFemaleYellow7276.6132
Blue & Yellow or Yellow & BlueFemaleRed7273.4126
Red & Yellow or Yellow & RedMaleWhite7271.9128
Red & Yellow or Yellow & RedMaleYellow7271125
Red & Yellow or Yellow & RedFemaleYellow7377.2133
Red & Yellow or Yellow & RedFemaleRed7272.7127
Red 9MaleWhite3636.4130
Red 9MaleYellow3635.8127
Red 9FemaleYellow3739.1133
Red 9FemaleRed3636.3127
Blue 9MaleWhite3636.2127
Blue 9MaleYellow3635.6125
Blue 9FemaleYellow3638.5132
Blue 9FemaleRed3637126
Yellow 9MaleWhite3635.5126
Yellow 9MaleYellow3635.2123
Yellow 9FemaleYellow3638.1132
Yellow 9FemaleRed3636.4126