Top 20 Must Know Rules of Golf Changes for 2019

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  1. I think the new dropping rule is too restrictive. For an older person, particularly one with back trouble, it could be very difficult to drop the ball while keeping the knee straight while in a standing position or to go down on one knee to do so – apart altogether from trying to get back up! Why does the rule have to be so strict? What advantage would be gained if the rule allowed you to drop the ball from anywhere between shoulder and knee height?
    Another change which I don’t like is the one (not mentioned above) allowing a player to lift a ball for identication purposes without having to notify his/her playing partners.
    Members might also like to know that clubs will be authorised to make a local rule regarding out of bounds shots, which will provide the option of playing from where the ball goes out of bounds, under penalty, instead of having to replay the original shot.
    David Power

    1. Thanks David, great to hear your views on this.
      There is no requirement for the knee to be kept straight during the drop or for a player to get down on 1 knee. The only requirement is that the ball is dropped from knee height. That can be determined first and then the drop can be performed. This makes it fairer for the older golfer.
      The reason they removed the shoulder height drop was to reduce the number of “drops” that need to be performed especially when on a slope. Therefore this should speed up the process and the game. There may still be the need to drop a second time but the “knee height” drop should reduce these instances.
      Out of interest, why dont you like the ball identification rule change?
      You are correct, the club will have to look at the OOB rules and may decide to implement local rules around this.
      Again thanks for your comments, would love to hear what other members think about the new rules. Its time for us to talk openly about them.

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