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Have you ever wondered about the meanings of those weird and wonderful names we have on our scorecards for each hole on our course? If you have, please read on. If you haven’t, please read on… you might learn something new!

Approximately 15 years ago a crack team was assembled at the request of the 2007 Captain John McGroddy, to give local names, where appropriate, to each hole on each of the three nines of our golf course. It was an excellent idea and one which set out to preserve local field names, some of which were in use for centuries and which were in danger of being forgotten by future generations. That crack team consisted of Peadar Bates (author of a “History of Donabate” and former member of Donabate Golf Club), Des O’Shaughnessy (our club historian) and Captain John McGroddy.

Peadar, with his great depth of knowledge on the history of the area, played a huge role in naming at least 50% of the holes. John’s excellent grasp of the Irish Language, and Des’ amazing knowledge of the club provided the remaining names.

A great thanks to Des who provided me with great detail, and without his help this wouldn’t have been possible and may have been lost forever.

So, what do these names stand for? In order to see the detail, simply navigate on our menu to “About us”, then “The Course” and from there you can view the guide for each nine (details of names can be found under the scorecard).
Or simply click here:
Yellow Nine
Red Nine
Blue Nine

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