Metropolitan Trophy 2022

Four matches will be played at one club and three matches at the other.

Round 1:

Donabate v Portmarnock – four matches at Donabate and three matches at Portmarnock – On Monday 30th of May – Donabate won 4.5-2.5

Round 2:

Donabate v Forrest Little – Four matches at Forrest Little and three matches at Donabate – On Sunday 26th of June – Donabate won 4-3

Round 3:

Donabate v Killeen – Four matches at Killeen and three matches at Donabate – On Sunday 17th of July – Donabate won 4-3

Quarter Final:

Donabate v Naas – Four matches at Home and three matches at Naas – On Sunday 7th of August – Donabate lost 3-4

men's metropolitan trophy

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