Metropolitan Trophy 2019

Team Manager: John Timmins
Assistant: Darryll Murray

Age Limit = None
Handicap Eligibility/Limits:
a) Lowest playing handicap in the preceding calendar year shall not have been less than nine.
b) For the purpose of this Tournament the handicap applicable shall be deemed to be the lowest playing handicap held by a player during the preceding calendar year.
c) No player shall be eligible to compete in this Tournament who was not in possession of a CONGU Handicap during the preceding calendar year.
d) A player shall have, in the calendar year prior to the event, returned a minimum of four returns in qualifying competitions (Supplementary Scores are not included) all of which must be recorded on the handicap records of the player’s home club on or before 31st December in the calendar year prior to the event. Nine-Hole qualifying competitions are admissible under this rule.
Note: If a player changes his club during the previous calendar year, it is his responsibility to produce evidence of having competed in a minimum of four Qualifying Competitions.
Size of Team = 9 players
Form of Play / Format = Clubs compete by Singles Match Play at Home & Away as per the draw. All matches must be played to a finish unless an overall result is reached, in which case unfinished matches will be declared halved. In a situation where there is a preliminary and first round, in both rounds, the club on top of the draw has five matches at home and four matches away. For the second and subsequent rounds including the semi final, the club whose number or letter appears first shall have five matches at home and four matches away. For the final the club that letter appears first shall play at home in the first leg. The dates for the final are arranged by Leinster Golf in advance.
Handicap Allowance = All matches played off scratch

First Round – Bye

Second Round v Hollywood Lakes – Sunday 12th of May – Donabate won

Third Round v Malahide – Monday 3rd of June – Donabate lost

Click here to see the 2019 Metropolitan Trophy Draw


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