Notes to Members, Visitors and Guests

** Last update 30/Aug/2022 **

  1. Competition Rules
    1. The Rules of Golf as set down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, along with the Local Rules, apply to all competitions. All members are obliged to familiarise themselves with these Rules. Before playing in any competition, members are required to pay their entry fee and in all singles competitions they must register on the computer system before commencing play.
    2. Players are asked to be ready to play at least 10 minutes prior to their tee time.
    3. Competitors must commence play from the designated first tee, unless authorised by the Competitions Committee. Players in a competition have priority over players who are not playing in a competition. It is the responsibility of players to be aware of competition type, course in play and Local Rules displayed on club notice boards.
    4. Players are not allowed to play outside the times stipulated on the timesheets, without prior permission of the Competitions Committee.
    5. On completion of play, players are obliged to return their scorecard to the competitions box, with full names, date, competition name, scores, appropriately signed and with correct handicaps (Handicap Index, Course Handicap and Playing Handicap) identified and scores tallied. All scores (Single & Team) must be entered into the computer and the scorecard returned as soon as possible after the round, whether the round is completed or not. Failure to return scorecards will result in a penalty score being applied (Under Rule 7.1b).
      1. Disqualification will occur if:
        1. You fail to provide your Handicap Index on your scorecard 
        2. Your Handicap Index on your scorecard is too high.
        3. Your returned score for a hole is lower than your actual score.
        4. Failure to sign scorecard (Both Player and Marker must sign the card)
        5. Failure to promptly return your scorecard.
    6. For certain events, such as Captain’s Prize, Lady Captain’s Prize and President’s Prize, Timesheets will be available two weeks prior.
    7. Entry to all competitions, unless stated, is through the BRS booking system. A player may book themselves and two others in singles competitions or three others in team events. Those booked may include guests, for the appropriate fee, depending on the competition type, open or invitation.
      1. Note that certain timesheets are charged as of 7pm the day before the event regardless of whether you play or not. 
    8. In fourball competitions, when only 3 players are on the timesheet and no other player is available, they may play as a three ball. In such cases, the person with the lowest handicap partners the other two players in 2 two balls.
    9. In fourball competitions, where no opposition exists on the timesheet, 2 players may compete and submit a card.
    10. Eligibility to win in Gents Singles Competitions:
      1. Persons not eligible to win the main prize (as set out below) may win any other prize on the day.
      2. To be eligible to win one of the following major prizes, Captains Prize, Presidents Prize, Vice Captains Prize, Lady Captains Prize to Men, Hon Sec Hon Treas Prize, Past Captains Prize and Monthly Medal Prizes a member must satisfy ONE of the following criteria:
        1. Have a full WHS handicap record, i.e., 20 counting scores
        2. Have been an Ordinary/Honorary/Life member for 5 or more years
      3. In addition to the above, in order to win the Captain’s Prize or President’s Prize a member is required to be a full Ordinary 7-day or and completed the previous year as one of the following: Ordinary 7-day member, 5-day member, Introductory member, student member or intermediate member.
      4. For other 18 Hole Singles Competitions (excluding invitation/opens), a person eligible to play who has joined in the current calendar year is eligible to win first prize provided they have submitted 5 cards from acceptable scoring competitions played at Donabate Golf Club. Note: See rules for Junior Members below.
      5. Guests of Members appropriately signed into a competition may win any prize in Invitational Competitions.
    11. Eligibility to win in Ladies Competitions:
      1. Major Prizes shall be defined as follows: Lady Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize to the Ladies, Captain’s Prize to the Ladies, Lady Vice Captain’s Prize and Vice Captain’s Prize to the Ladies.
      2. Players in their First full Year of membership shall NOT be eligible to win the Majors. They are however, eligible to win Runner-up and other back up prizes.
      3. Lady Captain’s Prize: Ordinary, Lady Members and Introductory 2 Members must have five (5) 18-hole Single qualifying competition cards returned in order to win the Lady Captain’s Prize. All entrants must have three (3) 18-hole Single qualifying competition cards returned in order to win Runner-up or Best Gross.
      4. Ordinary Members – may play in weekly competitions presently Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.
      5. Lady Member- may play in weekly competitions, presently Tuesday and Sunday and all Majors.
      6. Introductory Member – may play in weekly competitions, presently Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.
      7. Five Day Member – may play in weekly Tuesday competitions and on Bank Holidays. They are eligible to play/represent club in Inter-Club matches. Ineligible for Challenge /Ferguson/ Reid Cups; Club Foursomes and G.O.T.Y competitions.
  2. Etiquette: All Members should be familiar with Rule 1 of the Rules of Golf which sets out the conduct expected of all players. This rule should be observed at all times.
  3. The Committee reserves the right –
    1. to correct any mistakes in the checking of cards
    2. to alter a competition or rules if it is deemed necessary
    3. to cancel a competition due to insufficient entries or to postpone or abandon it in any circumstances or at any stage of the competition if the Committee so decides.
  4. Handicapping Rules
    1. The World Handicapping System applies to all players. Members should familiarise themselves with the system.
  5. Handicap Allowances
    1. For Match-play Competitions please refer to the Match-play section of the clubs website.
    2. For Stroke-play (including Strokes, V-Par and Stableford competitions) – Please refer to the Handicap Calculator on the clubs website.
      1. Singles – 95% of Course Handicap
      2. Fourball (better ball) Stableford/Strokes – Each partner receives 85% of their course handicap
      3. Fourball (better ball) V-Par – Each partner receives 90% of their course handicap
      4. Foursomes – Half the combined course handicap of partners.
  6. Honorary Members
    1. While all Honorary Members may enjoy the courtesy of the Course and Clubhouse, only Honorary Members who were former Ordinary or Lady Members of the Club may compete in Club Competitions.
  7. Students and Intermediate Members
    1. In Gent’s competitions; Students and Intermediate members have the same rights and privileges as an Ordinary (Full) Member, except where outlined above (see note J – Eligibility to win). Male student members playing in official Club competitions must play off a maximum handicap index of 19.9.
    2. In Ladies’ Competitions; Student and Intermediate members may play in Ladies’ Competitions. They are eligible to play in the Majors but not win the main prize. They are also eligible for Golfer Of The Year, the Challenge Cup, Ferguson Cups, the Club Mixed Foursomes match-play and to represent the Club in inter-club Matches.
  8. Junior Members
    1. Junior Girls 8 – 20 years: Juniors with an official handicap may play in ladies’ competitions. They may enter the Ferguson Cup, Challenge Cup or Club Mixed Foursomes Match-play. They are eligible to play in Majors but not win the main prize.
    2. Male Junior members may compete in members competitions on the following basis:
      1. Junior Boys (with a handicap index of 19.9 or lower) may play in all competitions.
        1. These Junior Boys cannot win 1st or 2nd prize in the following majors; Captains Prize, Presidents Prize, Vice Captains Prize, Lady Captains Prize to Men, Hon Sec Hon Treas Prize, Past Captains Prize, however they can win third place or other.
      2. Junior Boys (with a handicap index of 20 or higher and who are aged over 16) may play in all competitions except Matchplay Qualifiers and these majors; Captains Prize, Presidents Prize, Vice Captains Prize, Lady Captains Prize to Men, Hon Sec Hon Treas Prize, Past Captains Prize.
        1. These Junior Boys cannot win in singles events – a prize intended for the adult members. Where a score returned by the junior is a prize winning score he shall be awarded a special prize. This does not apply to turkey or vouchers.
      3. Father and Son Match-play: – All Junior Boys are permitted to compete in this competition; max handicap index for juniors is 28.
      4. All eligible Junior Boys and eligible Junior visitors, must indicate they are juniors on returned scorecards.
  9. Dress Code
    1. Neat dress is mandatory at all times. The wearing of denim jeans by members or visitors is permitted in the Clubhouse but not on the course at any time. It is prohibited to wear singlets, collarless shirts and shorts (except tailored) on the course or in the club house. Trousers tucked in socks are not permitted at any time. The wearing of golf shoes, hats, caps, overcoats and anoraks etc. is strictly forbidden in the Bar and Dining Room.
  10. Visitors
    1. Members should ensure that the appropriate green fees are paid for their visitors before commencing play. Members who invite visitors to the Clubhouse must ensure they are signed into the visitors’ book.
  11. Visitors in Open Competitions
    1. Visitors to Donabate Golf Club who wish to play in Open Competitions must use their Golf Ireland swipe card, to enter. For overseas players an up-to-date handicap certificate will suffice.
  12. General Play (where a member wishes to submit scores over 9 or 18 holes for Handicap purposes)
    1. Ladies must pre-register your intent to play, with an email to prior to general play.
    2. For Ladies, General Play rounds are not permitted during competition time.
    3. All General Play scores (Gents and Ladies) must be recorded on the Golf Ireland App as it requires a marker to testify the score.
      1. Failure to follow this instruction will require the player to provide evidence of the physical card.
    4. General Play scores are not permitted during winter golf i.e. During Preferred lies when placing is permitted throughout the course. It is however permitted to submit General Play scores when there are preferred lies in the fairway only.
      1. Any general play scores submitted when not permitted will be deleted.
    5. At Donabate Golf Club players are not permitted to submit 2 General Play scores on the same day.
      1. Due to the complexity of the Rules of Golf and the possible contravention of Rule 5.2 only one score on a given day will be accepted for handicapping purposes at Donabate Golf Club.
    6. Failure to submit a General Play score (after declaring an intent to play) will result in a penalty score being applied to your handicap record.
  13. Presentation of Prizes: Gent’s Club
    1. Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize and Fundraiser Prizes will be presented on the day of the competition unless indicated beforehand. All other prizes will be presented, as soon as possible after the competition. Prize winners and sponsors will be notified in advance.
  14. Presentation of Prizes: Ladies Club
    1. Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize and Fundraiser Prizes will be presented on the day of the competition unless indicated beforehand. All other prizes will be presented, as soon as possible after the competition. Prize winners and sponsors will be notified in advance.
    2. Presentation will take place every second Sunday at 7.15pm in the Summer (restrictions permitting). The presentation date will be indicated on the winners’ sheet in the Ladies Locker Room.
  15. Competition Sponsors
    1. If you would like to sponsor a competition at Donabate Golf Club please contact anyone on the Ladies or Mens Committee.
    2. The President (David Taylor), Captain (John Hannon) and Lady Captain (Eileen O’Malley) would like to thank all sponsors and members for their generous sponsorship of this year’s competitions.