Club Champions

Over the course of the year we will be adding the lists of Club Champions to this page.

The first cup of the year is usually the St. Patrick's Cup (Perpetual Challenge Cup - A.O. Ferguson Memorial). It was first presented in 1935 and it has an impressive list of winners. The 2022 Champion was Esmond Butler, who won with an excellent score of 40 pts.

The second cup of the year is the Pyke Cup. The donor of the Pyke Cup, Charlie Pyke was Hon. Sec. during the Thirties and in 1936 he became Captain. It is recorded that he won the Corbally Cup in 1931 and retained it the following year. Pyke was a very famous caricaturist and his stylish observations on the Dublin social scene featured frequently in the Irish Independent. One of his "takes" can be seen among our Captains "portraits". The Pyke Cup, originally a trophy for match-play was first competed for in 1934 and almost continuously after that until 1969. {All the above has been culled from Des O’Shaughnessy’s excellent "A History of Donabate Golf Club 1925-2000"}. The 2022 Champion was Brian Coogan with 43pts.

The third cup of the year is the Corbally Cup. It was first presented in 1929. Cyril Corbally, formerly of Rathbeale Hall, and who later having married the widowed Mrs. Cobbe, lived in Newbridge House until his death in 1946, was President of Donabate Golf Club from 1929 to 1940 inclusive. A noted Croquet player, he pre-dated Sam Snead by some decades, putting "croquet" style. As President during that period he oversaw the huge move from the little links on the commonage at Corballis to our present site. This Cup was first played for in 1929 and was contested for and won by many famous members of Donabate Golf Club, as can be seen from the medals round the base. It is a particularly fine Silver cup and now that it has been re-introduced to our Competitions list, I am very pleased to have been asked to sponsor its competition by Donabate Men's Club, and I hope to continue to do so into the future (Eamonn Purcell). The 2022 Champion was Eugene Casey with 42pts.

St. Patrick's Cup (Perpetual Challenge Cup - A.O. Ferguson Memorial)

2022Esmond Butler
2021Alec Griffin
2020Mark Smithers
2019Kieran White
2018John Taylor
2017Peter Byrne
2016Paul Spierin
2015John Walsh
2014Chris McCarthy
2013Tom Murphy
2012Jim Butterly
2011Dominick Cashin
2010Tony Dunne
2009Owen Coyne
2008Louis Martin Snr
2007Jimmy Coogan
2006Richie Daly
2005Kieran Eager
2004Gerry Maguire
2003Jim Boland
2002Noel O'Connell
2001Peter Brown
2000John Flood
1999Jimmy White
1998Bates King
1997Robert Neville
1996Paul Fagan
1995John French
1994Paddy Mooney
1993Denis Desmond
1992Con Dawson
1991Des O'Shaughnessy
1990Paddy McKenna
1989Mick Fearon
1988Trevor Singleton
1987Mark Hunter
1986Paddy McKennan
1985Eamon Hannon
1984Tom Mulligan
1983Andy Doherty
1982Liam O'Connor
1981Noel Crosbie
1980M.G. O'Hanlon
1979Tony Greany
1978Frank McAuliffe
1977Mick Gaffney
1975Derek Hughes
1974Matt Sands Jnr
1973Matt Sands Jnr
1972Peadar Collins
1971Matt Lennon
1970Con Dawson
1969Fergus Timmons
1968B. Smyth
1967Liam Lennon
1966E. McKeon
1965R. Warren
1964C. Gough
1962J.J. Kennedy
1961Maurice Brown
1960P. Cooke
1959E. O'Rourke
1958Kevin Sherlock
1957J.J. Kennedy
1956W. Wallace
1955Maurice Brown
1954W. Wallace
1953S. Phelan
1952S. Phelan
1951Frank Lahiffe
1950E. Beollain
1949P. Flood
1948J.A. Hanley
1947Sean Irwin
1946R. Freamain
1945P. Kane
1944R. Freamain
1943E. Howard
1942B.B. Woakes
1940C. Kane
1939R. Howison
1938James Rojerson
1937F. Brennan
1936B. Herlihy
1935B. Herlihy

Corbally Cup

2022Eugene Casey
2021Paul Gargan
2020Andrew Keenan
2019Thomas Fanning
2018Paul Flood
2017Mark Mackey
2016Ganyawat "Topps" Prumthep
2015Pat Bernard
2014Paul Murtagh
2013Paul Sloan
2012Matt Lilly
2011Jimmy Coogan
1978Brian May
1967Jimmy Yeates
1966D. Hughes
1965P. O'Mahony
1964P. Howe
1963George Congdon
1960Trever Singleton Snr.
1958Paddy O'Grady
1957Frank Lahiffe
1956Freddie McDonnell
1955Seamus Phelan
1954T.P. Duff
1953Sean Murphy
1952Frank Lahiffe
1951R.W. Dunlop
1950T.P. Duff
1949R.W. Dunlop
1948J.G. Clahane
1947Don MacAulay
1944J.J. Cooney
1943S.J. Costello
1942B. O'Riordan
1941J. Dowd
1940S.D. Rogerson
1939L. Delasa
1938F.M. Reilly
1937J. Murphy
1936E. Herlihy
1935J.J. Roche
1934J. Murphy
1933P.F. Ó'Braonáin
1932C.E. Pyke
1931C.E. Pyke
1930C.M. Glass
1929E.H. Verdon

Pyke Cup

2022Brian Coogan
2021Robert Prizeman
2020Paul Bradshaw
2019Liam Bridgette
2018Daragh Kelly
2017Harry Morgan
2016Paddy Mulligan
2015Harry Morgan
2014Vincent Teeling
2013Ciaran Kirwan
2012Kevin O'Hara
2011Pat Cummins
1969H.M. Neville
1965A. Hannon
1964S. Buttimer
1963M. Hopkins
1962M.J. Gallagher
1960F.V. Lahiffe
1959J.J. Nolan
1958D.C. MacAuley
1957K. Sherlock
1956F. Grant Jnr
1955S. Cahill
1954F.V. Lahiffe
1953D.C. MacAuley
1952F. Grant
1951T. Duff
1949M.J. Bourke
1948A.R. Conway
1947J.J. Cooney
1946P. Frewen
1945P. Fagan
1944P. Kane
1943J. Howard
1942P. Kane
1941J. Howard
1940E.Ó. Béolláin
1939R. Frewen
1938Liam De Lása
1937B.B. Woakes
1936Liam De Lása
1935F. Biddulph
1934R. Howison