McDonnell Cup 2023

First Round v Luttrellstown on 19th of May – Donabate won

Second Round v Howth on 11th of June – Donabate won

Semi Final v Clontarf – Donabate withdrew

Mc Donnell Cup Draw 2023


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  1. The term ” maximum effective handicap of 19″ is very vague.
    Does it mean the Playing H/Cap that a H/Index of 19 would give a player on the course being played?
    eg slope of Course 130. HI 19; CH 22; PH 80% of 22 which is18.
    Not lower than 15.5 HI is clearly mentioned but the upper limit of 19 is not mentioned.

    1. I agree Sean, the word handicap has no meaning in golf now unless its accompanied with the word Index, Course or Playing.
      These rules were written by the McDonnell Cup Committee (not part of Donabate Golf Club) so we wouldn’t be in a position to say for certain what was intended here.
      But my guess is that the intent here was for a player to receive a maximum Course Handicap of 19.

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