LIV 9 Hole Series – Race to 54 – Starts Friday 8th of July

The inaugural LIV 9 hole series, (Race to 54) begins this Friday the 8th of July.

We have received a new sponsor from somebody who wishes to remain anonymous. (Lets say a Mr G Norman, no wait that’s too obvious a Mr Greg N). As a result he has asked for a series to be run over the next 8 weeks with the following conditions.

• The series will run over the next eight Friday 9 hole events beginning 8th
July with the Grand Final on 26th August.

• To qualify for the Grand Final, you must accumulate 54+ Points over the series.

• The Grand final will be a shotgun start at 5pm (26th Aug), with food &
drinks deals & an extravagant presentation afterwards.

• Any ties on the final day will require a playoff on the 9th Blue.

• Please note Guests are eligible for the entire series. So feel free to get
your friends involved too. (must have an official Golf Ireland HC)

• Entry of €10 to be placed in the pro-shop

We have confirmed with Golf Ireland that by joining this series it will not affect your tour status for weekend competition golf including interclub or majors.


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