Ladies All Ireland Fourball 2021

In the Regional Stage, up to the Area Final, there will be three matches at the club drawn at home, and two in the club drawn away.

Eligibility: To be eligible, players must have a Handicap Index on 1st January 2021. For a pair to be allowed to play together, their Handicap Indexes on 1st January 2021, when added together, must not be lower than 19.0 and must not higher than 46.0.

Playing Handicap: Notwithstanding the above, in this competition, current handicap Indexes on the day of each match will be used to determine Course Handicaps, from which Playing Handicaps and shots will be derived as follows:

  • 90% of each player’s Course Handicap is applied to get their Playing Handicap.
  • Players receive the full difference between their own Playing Handicap and that of the player with the lowest Playing Handicap

Round 1:

Donabate v Forrest Little – Donabate lost

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