Flogas Irish Mixed Foursomes 2023

1st Round v Ardee on Saturday 22nd of April – Donabate Lost

leinster north flogas irish mixed foursomes


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    1. Hi Gerry,

      For Playing Handicaps on the day of a match: Each player uses their lowest handicap index in the previous calendar year.
      a. Male players must calculate their Course Handicaps using the Slope Rating of the tees prescribed for Male Players and Female players must do
      likewise using the Rating for the tees to be used by Female players.
      b. The pair then add their rounded Course Handicaps together and the pair’s Playing Handicap is 50% of their combined Course Handicap.
      c. If a pair’s Playing Handicap (when the two Course Handicaps are added together and reduced to 50%) exceeds 15, they must play off 15.
      d. In Match Play, the difference between the two pairs’ Playing Handicaps determines strokes given and received.
      e. Stroke Indexes: strokes given or received are based on the stroke index of the tees used by men in match play

      I hope this clarifies.

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