Best Cup 2021

First Round:

Donabate v Swords – Donabate won

Second Round:

Donabate v Celbridge and Elm Hall – Donabate lost

Rules for 2021:

  1. Players with a handicap of 18.5 or greater at 1st of April (Current year) whose handicap index is reduced to below 18.5 after 1st April, are eligible to play but must play off their revised/current playing handicap. Players who fall below a handicap index of 17.5 shall cease to be eligible. To qualify players must have returned 3 cards in any type of qualifying competition in the previous year. (3 Cards NA 2021)
  2.  Each round shall be 5 matches of 18 holes fourball match play, 3 home and 2 away. Lowest course handicap goes to scratch and 90% of the difference in handicap allowance is given to the others. The final will be 5 matches home and away.
  3. Single day matches. Teams on top have 3 matches at home for rounds 1. Home advantage for subsequent rounds is shown on draw by an asterisk.
  4. All matches shall be played to a finish until a result is agreed except in the final where halved matches will count. In the event of a tie in the final the last match alive will play tie holes starting on the 1st.
  5. If bad light or weather stops play then by arrangement, the matches involved should be replayed on the nearest possible date and the organizers informed.
  6. Only players over 30 years of age who have their handicap administered by the participating club and who are members of the G.U.I. are entitled to play.
  7. Use of measuring devices for distance is permitted as specified by the G.U.I.
  8. The team manager and his assistant shall be deemed “advice givers”. If they wish to assign that right to another individual then that must be agreed before the game with the opposition manager and any assignment remains in place for the entire round.
  9. Caddies are not permitted in the Best Cup.



Best Cup Draw 2021


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