AIG Jimmy Bruen Shield 2019

Team Manager: Nigel Cosgrave
Assistant: Daragh Kelly

Age Limit = None
Handicap Limits:
a) No player shall be eligible to compete in this Tournament whose playing handicap was less than five during the previous calendar year.
b) The combined lowest playing handicap of each pair during the preceding calendar year shall not be less than 15.
Handicap Eligibility:
a) No player shall be eligible to compete in this Tournament who was not in possession of a CONGU handicap during the preceding calendar year.
b) A player shall have, in the calendar year prior to the event, returned a minimum of four returns in Qualifying Competitions (supplementary scores and scores returned as part of the three cards for the purposes of an initial handicap allocation are not admissible under this rule, but nine-hole qualifying competitions are admissible). All of these scores must be recorded on the handicap records of the player’s home club on or before 31st December in the calendar year prior to the event.
Size of Team = 10 players (5 x pairings)
Form of Play / Format = Foursomes medal play or Foursomes match play. In match play, all matches must be played to a finish unless an overall result is reached, in which case unfinished matches will be declared halved.
Handicap Allowance = All rounds/matches played off scratch

Qualifying round at Skerries on Saturday 15th June – Donabate did not Qualify

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