AIG Barton Shield 2021

In the Regional Stage, up to the Area Final, all rounds up to the Area Final will be played on the basis of one match in one club and the other match in the other club.

Foursomes Match Play. Each match shall be played over 18 holes, the aggregate of holes up to decide the winning team. The full round must be played unless an overall result on holes up has already decided the event, when the defeated team may concede the match before completion of 18 holes. In the case of a tie, the second match as selected, shall immediately continue one hole at a time until there is a winner. The pairs contesting tie holes must maintain their respective orders of play in which they played from the start of the match.

First Round:

Donabate v St Annes – Donabate won

Second Round:

Donabate v Portmarnock Links – Donabate won

Third Round:

Donabate v Portmarnock – Donabate lost


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