2’s News Saturday 25th of June

Saturday the 25th of June

  • Pat Bernard had a hole in one on the 3rd blue , his account was credited by €94.50
  • Marcin Chmielenski had a 2 on the 8th yellow
  • Auren Feryson had 2 on the 7th blue
  • Stephen Conroy had a two on the 1st  yellow
  • Tommy Byrne had a two on the 8th yellow
  • Alan Bridgette had two twos one the 1st yellow and one on  the 8th yellow
  • Gary Mulhall had a two on the 4th yellow
  • Johnathon Jennings  had a two on the 7th Blue
  • Marl Mackey had a two on the 1st yellow
  • Liam Bridgette had a two the 7th  Blue
  • John Nolan had a two on the 1st yellow
  • Damian Braddish 8th yellow
  • David Curtis 1st yellow

€7.20 has been added to their accounts for each two.


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