07/Sep/2019 – President’s (Pauline Byrne) Prize to Men


07/Sep/2019 – President’s (Pauline Byrne) Prize to Men

WinnerTony Wilkinson1742 pts (c/b)
Runner-upKevin Irwin2242 pts (c/b)
Best GrossPeter Byrne676 gross
Class 1 WinnerNigel Cosgrave736pts
Class 1 Runner-upDermot Bradfield635 pts c/b)
Class 2 WinnerDonal O'Hagan1441 pts
Class 2 Runner-upDavid Taylor1240 pts
Class 3 WinnerCian O'Hagan1938 pts
Class 3 Runner-upDermot Morris1737 pts
Class 4 WinnerGer Fullam2142 pts
Class 4 Runner-upHugh Grainger2139 pts
Veterans Prize Michael Fearon2038 pts
Sponsors PrizeJohn Taylor2137 pts (c/b)
CSS 71

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