Matchplay Competitions

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CompetitionPreliminary RoundRound 1 - Play by:Round 2 - Play by:Quarter Final - Play by:Semi Final - Play by:Final
Club FourballQualifier 22/Apr - 32 Qualify - Seeded Draw11/Jun02/Jul01/Aug27/Aug9/Sep
Andy DohertyQualifier 28/Apr - 32 Qualify - Seeded Draw28/May25/Jun30/Jul27/Aug9/Sep
Singles - Class 1Qualifier 5/May - 16 Qualify - Seeded DrawN/A25/Jun30/Jul27/Aug9/Sep
Singles - Class 2Qualifier 5/May - 16 Qualify - Seeded DrawN/A25/Jun30/Jul27/Aug9/Sep
Singles - Class 3Qualifier 5/May - 16 Qualify - Seeded DrawN/A25/Jun30/Jul27/Aug9/Sep
Singles - Class 4Qualifier 5/May - 16 Qualify - Seeded DrawN/A25/Jun30/Jul27/Aug9/Sep
Club FoursomesQualifier 24/Mar - 32 Qualify - Seeded Draw4/Jun2/Jul1/Aug27/Aug9/Sep
Mixed FoursomesPlay by 1/May4/Jun2/Jul1/Aug27/Aug9/Sep
Father & Son Scotch FoursomesPlay by 1/May4/Jun2/Jul1/Aug27/Aug9/Sep
Cotter CupQualifier 9/Jun - 32 Qualify - Seeded Draw11 & 12/Jun14/Jun15/Jun16/Jun17/Jun

Rules for Match Play Competitions:
a) All round matches must be played prior to the date posted.
b) It is the responsibility of the person or persons on top of the draw to arrange the match.
c) Failure by competitors to arrange a match prior to the cut off date may lead to competitors being disqualified by the Men’s or Ladies’ committee.
d) When a match is completed the result must be posted by the loosing person or team on the appropriate chart on club notice board. The convener of competitions (Men – Gerry O’Reilly) must also be notified of any changes of dates and results which will then be relayed to club website.
e) All matches must be played off the white tees (not stakes). Ladies off Red.
f) In mixed competitions men drive off first.
g) If a player qualifies for two or more finals he/she must arrange the match prior to the finals date (9th September).
h) Matches must not be played on competition courses or during competitions.
i) In the case where agreement cannot be reached in organising a date and or time for a match, the decision of the competitions committee will be final.
j) All finals are expected to be played on Finals Day, Sunday 9th September except where a person is competing in 2 finals. Only in exceptional circumstances will permission be given to play on another date. In such cases dates and times must be agreed with convener of competitions or (for ladies matchplay, Ladies competitions committee)
k) All matches are expected to be played in accordance with rules and etiquette of golf. Where dispute arises over an issue players should proceed with the match and seek ruling later where possible. The decision of the Competition committee will be final in these matters.
l) Handicap Allowances in Match Play:
i. Singles – The full difference between the handicaps of the player
ii. Foursomes – Half the difference between combined handicaps of each side
iii. Fourball (better ball) – Back marker concedes strokes to the other 3 players based on 90% of the difference between the full handicap.