McDonnell Cup 2018

Teams to consist of 5 pairs, confined to players of 16 handicap and over as at the 1st January 2018. The maximum effective handicap shall not exceed 19. Each round to be played off current handicap subject to a maximum effective of 19. A player whose handicap is reduced below 16 after 1st January 2018 is still eligible to play in the competition but must play off reduced handicap and concede additional shot /(s) where relevant. Players must belong to an Adult Category of membership of their club.

Click here for the McDonnell Cup Draw for 2018

Team Manager: Peter Brown
Assistant: Ian Tiernan

First Round v Skerries – Saturday 13th of May – 3 at Home and 2 away – Donabate won

Quarter Final v St. Anne’s – Sunday 24th of June – 2 at Home and 3 away – Donabate won

Semi Final v Hollywood Lakes – Sunday 29th of July – 3 at Home and 2 away – Donabate won

Final (Home Leg) v Malahide Sunday 19th of August – Donabate lost
Final (Away Leg) v Malahide Saturday 25th of August – Donabate lost

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