Golfer of the Year – 1 Week to go!

The Golfer of the Year Competition comes to an end next Saturday 27th October.

Throughout the year, it has been a keenly fought contest with a number of competitors in the mix. In the past few weeks, Daragh Kelly, Mark Lawlor and Dermot Bradfield have had a great battle. While Daragh currently has a lead, it is possible for Mark to just pip him on the final day.

With best wishes to both.

NameBest 12Sat 31/3Sat 7/4Sat 14/4Sat 21/4Sat 28/4Sat 5/5Sat 12/5Sat 19/5Sat 2/6Sat 16/6Sat 23/6Sat 30/6Sun 1/7Sat 7/7Sat 14/7Sat 28/7Sat 4/8Sat 11/8Sat 18/8Sat 25/8Sun 26/8Sat 1/9Sat 8/9Sat 15/9Sat 22/9Sat 29/9Sat 6/10Sat 13/10Sat 20/10Sat 27/10
Daragh P Kelly106.58.04.515.
Mark Lawlor83.914.
Dermot Bradfield71.
Ciaran Grant60.012.55.513.
Colin Fetherston59.511.05.514.014.015.0
Tom Buggle58.
John J. Taylor52.414.
Brendan Synnott51.511.05.515.
John O'Riordan49.714.
Patrick M. O'Brien45.
Alan Ryder44.710.50.713.
Enda Dooley44.54.01.510.513.515.0
John Ryan44.
Gerard Campion43.
Conor O'Shea43.513.014.511.05.0
Brian Gleeson43.
Kevin Brown43.
Cathal Horan42.411.
Mark Mackey42.111.513.
G Woodhead41.611.
David O'Connor39.011.012.512.53.0
Gary J. Murray38.57.010.513.57.5
Noel Groves38.
Douglas Robertson37.
Brian Shanahan36.
Paul Flood35.514.
Harry Morgan35.
Declan Rickard34.57.00.513.012.51.5
Darryll Murray33.05.512.515.0
Darren Bryan32.014.513.04.5
David Kelly31.59.011.511.0
Gerard Griffith31.
Will Murray30.
Paul Duggan29.514.515.0
Shay Howard29.
Basil Cooney28.
Tom Murphy28.
Eoin McLaverty28.513.515.0
Gerard P. Fullam28.
Barry Gorham28.
Karl McGirl28.015.013.0
Marcin Chmielewski27.
Gerry McCaul27.
Colm O'Brien26.
Charles Robertson26.
Gary Mulhall25.
John Morrissey25.59.04.512.0
Robert Emmett25.514.011.5
Gary Howlett25.
Kieran White24.
Graeme White24.04.511.08.5
Brian Coogan24.015.09.0
Stephen Spierin23.20.89.512.00.9
Mark Smithers22.98.00.414.5
Andrew May22.
Thomas Fanning22.
Matthew Lilly22.011.510.5
Ciaran Kirwan22.00.511.510.0
Eoin Gleeson21.
Mark Grimes21.
Andrew Keenan21.
Darren Dempsey21.
Thomas Kerr21.411.09.50.9
Patrick Cummins20.58.512.0
John Flood20.58.012.5
Cian O'Hagan19.90.915.04.0
Harold Caughey19.711.51.27.0
David Lambert19.
John McGillicuddy19.512.57.0
Andrew Lilly19.58.511.0
Henry Hopkins18.
David Moran18.511.07.5
Matthew Groves18.011.56.5
Aaron McCann18.07.011.0
Barry McDonagh17.514.03.5
Ken Nolan17.40.91.515.0
John Walsh16.
Raymond Coy16.
James Reidy16.58.08.5
Eugene Casey16.44.50.711.00.2
Peter Tuck15.512.53.0
Desmond Hurley15.511.54.0
Dermot Dunne15.40.70.814.0
Nigel Cosgrave15.
Ray Kelly15.015.0
Jamie Quinn15.
Hugh Grainger15.015.0
Barry Armstrong15.015.0
David A. Taylor14.912.50.91.5
Thomas Flood14.514.5
Noel J O'Connell14.514.5
Kenneth Mulholland14.014.0
John Timmins14.07.07.0
Christopher Foley14.07.56.5
Brendan Dodrill14.014.0
Mark Michael13.71.212.5
Pat McDonagh13.513.5
Niall Kenny13.57.06.5
Owen Coyne13.
Liam Bridgette13.06.07.0
Patrick Bernard12.90.912.0
David Mulligan12.910.50.91.5
Tony Wilkinson12.70.811.00.9
Kevin O'Hara12.51.011.5
J Coogan12.512.5
Gerry Morgan12.10.112.0
Barry McGinley12.
Philip Conway11.80.811.0
Michael Hamell11.511.5
Eoghan McCarthy11.511.5
Colm Whelan11.511.5
Patrick Gavin11.40.411.0
John Hannon11.40.411.0
Ganyawat Prumthep11.011.0
Paul O'Reilly10.
Denis O'Connell10.55.05.5
Ian Tiernan10.
Alan O'Gorman9.90.49.5
Patrick Scullion9.79.00.7
Niall Comiskey9.56.53.0
Damien Hanratty9.09.0
Eamonn McCarthy8.
Frank Barry8.58.5
Michael Fearon8.08.0
James O'Toole8.
Dermot Morris8.02.55.5
Niall Murphy7.57.5
James Clinton7.57.5
George McIlhagga7.57.5
Eamonn Purcell7.57.5
Peter Ferrari7.
Paul Smithers7.07.0
Maurice O'Grady7.07.0
Jonathan Furlong7.07.0
David Power6.90.96.0
Jim Doherty6.66.50.1
Liam Scully6.56.5
Joe Blake6.56.5
James Carberry6.56.5
Ardle Culleton6.56.5
Ian Flanagan6.06.0
Dominic Molloy6.06.0
Darren Holohan6.06.0
Martin Halligan5.61.14.5
Patrick English5.55.5
Michael McLaverty5.05.0
Frederick Rogers5.05.0
Donald O'Keeffe4.
Bill O'Neill4.63.51.1
Niall Brohoon4.54.5
Daniel King4.54.5
J. P. Fetherston4.
Oliver Plunkett4.04.0
Michael King4.04.0
Kenneth Armstrong4.01.52.5
Stephen Conroy3.
Patrick O'Hara3.03.0
J. J. McElroy3.03.0
Darren Smithers2.90.42.5
Tony O'Brien2.52.5
Gary P. Smithers2.52.5
Patrick McNeill2.02.0
Tom O'Malley2.01.20.8
Donal O'Hagan1.70.80.9
Peter Brown1.21.2
Declan O'Loughlin1.21.2
Paddy O'Reilly0.90.9
Conor Maxwell0.90.9
Desmond Cuthbert0.80.8
David Clince0.80.8
Norman Bernard0.70.7
Harry May0.70.7
Derek Kane0.70.7
Brian Ennis0.70.7
Mark McHale0.50.5

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