2’s News 19th to 21st of August

Saturday 19th August
Paul Smithers
Tom Buggle
Marcin Chmielewski
Brian Daly
John Walsh
Each receive €33.48

Sunday 20th August
John Walsh
Andy Thompson
Gary Mulhall
Noel McAllister
Jim Carberry
Each receive €9.25

Monday 21st August
Peter Ferrari
Peter receives €16.00

2’s News 22-23/July

Saturday 22nd July
Andy Thompson
Conor O’Shea
Pat McDonagh
Basil Cooney
Dermot Bradfield
The Great Mr Topps
Each receive €22.62

Sunday 23rd July
Hugh Grainger
John Timmins
Declan Doyle
Each receive €13.50

2’s News – July 7th to July 12th

Wednesday 7th
Owen Coyne
Geoffrey Woodhead
Frank Lee
Michael Keenan
Gerry Cooney
€11.16 per two

Saturday 8th July
Liam Jennings
Harry Morgan x 2
Tony Nolan
Ken Mulholland
€27.36 per two

Monday 10th July
No two’s

Wednesday 12th
Scramble – No Two’s