Yellow Nine

5th Hole on Yellow

5th Hole on Yellow Course

Yellow Nine Scorecard

Note that indexes for the Yellow Nine are dependent on the alternative nine that is combined to make 18 hole. Therefore the 3rd hole on Yellow is index 4 when played with Blue and index 3 when played with Red.

Hole Name White - Medal
Yellow - Visitor
Red - Ladies
2918 2833 36 2538 36
1 Stile 161 151 3 10B/9R 133 3 8B/7R
2 Long Lane 459 446 5 8B/9R 394 5 16B/15R
3 Widows Meadow 370 365 4 4B/3R 357 4 4B/3R
4 Short Knock 144 131 3 18B/17R 118 3 14B/13R
5 Poc Fada 411 404 4 2B/1R 364 4 2B/1R
6 Crooked Meadow 483 473 5 6B/5R 425 5 6B/5R
7 Tennis Court 279 271 4 16B/15R 236 4 18B/17R
8 Little Daisy 163 153 3 14B/13R 121 3 10B/9R
9 Gilleraines 448 439 5 12B/11R 390 5 12B/11R

Yellow Nine Guide

1 Par 3 to start. Two tiered green guarded by front bunker and two bunkers left and right. Don’t go long on this hole as out of bounds behind green.
2 Decent par five. Straight hitters rewarded. Out of bounds on left and trees all down the right hand side of fairway. Elevated green guarded by two front bunkers.
3 Par 4 that runs parallel to the second hole. LHS of fairway is the place to be off your drive. Trees left and right along fairway. Relatively flat green with bunker on the front right.
4 Short par three two bunkers front right and left of green and bunker behind centre of green. Green tilts slightly from back to front. Beware of wind direction.
5 Difficult dog leg par four. Tough driving hole. Longer hitters can try go over the tress but a good tee shot is required for this line. Better to aim at fairway bunker in the distance with shorter club. Second shot played to a flat green that slopes gently from back to front. Tee shot is the key to this hole.
6 Slight dog leg left par five. Drive through the gap and you are well on your way. Elevated two tier green protected by bunkers on the right hand side.
7 Short par four with a lot of bunkers. Trees running down both sides of fairway. Best take an iron off the and leave a wedge in for second shot rather then try drive the green. Slightly raised green sloping from back to front protect by bunker in the front right.
8 Par 3 to a two tiered green that slopes from right to left. Bunker in front left to catch any pulled tee shots.
9 Par 5 to finish. Slight dogleg left where long hitters take the hazard out of play but mere mortals are often caught. Elevated two tier green protected by bunkers on both sides.