Blue Nine

9th Hole on Blue

9th Hole on Blue Course

Blue Nine Scorecard

Hole Name White - Medal
Yellow - Visitor
Red - Ladies
2928 2797 36 2572 36
1 Screebog 374 360 4 3 300 4 3
2 Lady's Walk 415 406 5 17 355 5 17
3 Baile an Carraig 152 125 3 15 120 3 15
4 Big Sycamore 363 351 4 1 344 4 1
5 Danny Egans 342 332 4 9 320 4 7
6 Hampton Evans 336 326 4 7 282 4 11
7 Blind Lane 191 182 3 5 158 3 5
8 Big Lawn 318 308 4 11 294 4 13
9 Aslyum 437 407 5 13 399 5 9

Blue Nine Guide

1 Straight par four to start with.A ridge runs across centre of green which makes it imperative to be on hole side of green with your approach shot. Two bunkers at the front protect a green that slopes from back to front. There is also a ditch running behind the green.
2 Short dog leg left par five. Favours a well hit draw (for right-handed golfers) off the tee. Bunker to left hand side of green for approach shots. Green is undulated.
3 Straight forward par three, relatively flat green is guarded by front right and left bunkers and a bunker at the back left.
4 Decent par four, water on the right will catch any errant tee shots, trees on left of fairway. Water hazard runs across fairway that might catch the long hitters tee shot. Accurate tee shot required to set up approach to a tricky green.
5 Straight-forward par four. A good drive will set up a short iron approach to a green protects both sides by bunkers. Don’t overshoot your approach to this two tiered green as you may have be chipping from a down hill lie.
6 Short par four, longer hitters are better leaving the driver in the bag here as a water hazard runs across fairway that can come in play. Relatively flat green protected on right by bunker.
7 Longest par three on any of the nines. Raised undulated green protected on right by bunker. Large trees comes into play on tee shot. Par is a good score here.
8 Short par four. Out of bounds on the right catches any sliced shots. Bunker on left hand side of green, out of bounds behind it.
9 Straight par five. Straight drive required if you want to hit green in two. Water in front of green needs to be taken into account on approach shots.